Four Season Construction and Consultancy is here to provide the best construction advice as well as work with you to bring out the best in the construction of your Dream House within 6 months. Likewise, here is our success story that explains the construction of one of our most ambitious projects, which is a residential home of Mr. Sudip Shah, our esteemed client,  located at Lokanthali.

Mr. Sudip Shah, Lokanthali says “When I first heard of Four Season Construction and Consultancy, I had a feeling that they would do one of the best construction works in the country. And I shouldn’t really be surprised because the Four Season Team is really dedicated and has worked really hard and has helped me make my dream house became a reality. In short, I can say that for proper construction work and genuine advice, go to Four Season Construction and Consultancy.”


As for the house, the total area is 1241.7 sq. ft and on the ground floor, we have 2 bedrooms of size 13’-1” X 10’-3” with 1 Bathroom of size 5’-0” X 5’-8”. Also, there is a big kitchen of size 10’-10” X 7’-7”. The living room measures 10’-7” X 11’-1” and there is also a garage which can store 1 car and 2 bikes that measures 12’-11” X 11’-10”. The ground floor covers a total area of 886.7 sq. ft. 


On the first floor, there are 2 bedrooms, 1 of which is the Master Bedroom and 1 Kids Bedroom with 1 bathroom attached to the master bedroom. There is a kitchen for dining purposes and a huge and spacious living room that can be used for family gatherings, entertaining guests or just a quiet time with the family.


Finally, The Second Floor Consists of 3 bedrooms, 1 of which is the Master Bedroom, contains an attached bathroom as well as an open terrace. 


In conclusion, the entire project was completed by Four Season Construction and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd within 6 months. For realization and building of your dream house within 6 months, Four Season Construction and Consultancy is the place to go.