Rebuilding Nepal, one brick at a time

In the modern age, construction is a really important part of a nation’s economy. Building structures for commercial or personal purposes, the art of construction has been with the Human Race since Antiquity. This is true because in our own country Nepal, we can see beautiful works of art and architecture which can be seen as a classic example of Ancient Nepalese Construction. With the spirit of our forefathers in our veins, we at Four Season Construction and Consultancy are on a mission to “REBUILD NEPAL, ONE BRICK AT A TIME!!”

At Four Season, our aim is plain and simple. To provide you with the best construction advice and help you build your dream structure. As an organization, we can proudly say that Four Season is one of the top players in Nepal’s Construction Industry with 9 years of decorated Work Experience, 500 Workers Employed and over 150 Projects Completed. With our dedicated team always ready for challenges, Four Season Construction and Consultancy’s team loves to convert your visions into concrete realities and while working with our clients, we think of them more as our partners and always work tirelessly and rigorously to make sure the goals are fully achieved. Also, Four Season is a team of highly specialized professionals that have decades of cumulative experience put together and we account for every penny spent on our expertise, by exceeding expectations. As for our mission, we carry  out pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, detailed survey, design-cost estimation, supervision and Four Season Construction and Consultancy also study on the renewable sources of energy such as micro/mini hydro-electricity, solar energy, bio gas, and other resources – supporting on their appropriate management, modernization, and expansion. Making research, investigation, survey, design and cost estimation of Road Trail Bridge, small span appropriate rope-way technology, Aerodrome, water pumping for water supply, and irrigation utilizing locally generated electricity is Four Season Construction and Consultancy’s method of Research and Innovation.

Finally, it is also a matter of great pride to announce that Four Season Construction and Construction and Consultancy is opening it’s branch in the “LAKE CITY” Pokhara. Now, we are on a mission to REBUILD POKHARA, AND SLOWLY NEPAL, ONE BRICK AT A TIME!!