Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal(CAAN)




Upgrading Grid map of TIA



How we helped planes fly better

We helped audit, maintain, and construct parts of flight runway grids in Tribhuwan International Airport. There were significant changes introduced by us to it, to help make the grid efficient, and accommodate more planes at a time. The project is estimated to  take a period of 25 days, and is understood to be finished in 2076. With due diligence from our staff, as well as expertise in Aerodrome engineering from our staff, we were able to incorporate a sustainable, stable as well as robust solution that pleased both Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) as well as airliner personnels alike.

With only a contract budget of nearly 5 lakhs, we were hardpressed, and tons of innovative design decisions had to be hand crafted by our dexterous engineers to accomplish what is today Nepal’s only International Airport. Successfully passing all hallmark checks as well as standards, the grid we contributed continues to serve Nepal this very day.

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