tarkeswor Bus stop

Tarkeswar Mahadev Bus-stop Design

Client Tarkeshwor Gaupalika Location Tarkeshwor Mahadev, Kavresthali, Nepal Deliverables Bus stop Year 2019 How we helped foster better bus management We helped construct the Tarkeswor Mahadev Bus stop. Situated in the homely outskirts of Kathmandu, Near Kavresthali, just above the bosoms of Tokha, Tarkeshwor Bus Stop today helps hundreds of passengers commute to and from [...]

Engineering Survey for Timpu Doring-Melamchi Highway

Client Nepal Government Location Nakote Deliverables Survey Report Year 2019 Duration 1 Year How we contributed to sustainable development of Melamchi road With an extensive year of survey and peer reviewed studies, we were able to come up with Detail Engineering Survey DCP Test Design, and thus help with DPR Preparation for the road project [...]