four season TIA expansion

Grid Map of Tribhuwan International Airport

Client Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal(CAAN) Location Kathmandu,Nepal Deliverables Upgrading Grid map of TIA Year 2019 How we helped planes fly better We helped audit, maintain, and construct parts of flight runway grids in Tribhuwan International Airport. There were significant changes introduced by us to it, to help make the grid efficient, and accommodate more [...]
tarkeswor Bus stop

Tarkeswar Mahadev Bus-stop Design

Client Tarkeshwor Gaupalika Location Tarkeshwor Mahadev, Kavresthali, Nepal Deliverables Bus stop Year 2019 How we helped foster better bus management We helped construct the Tarkeswor Mahadev Bus stop. Situated in the homely outskirts of Kathmandu, Near Kavresthali, just above the bosoms of Tokha, Tarkeshwor Bus Stop today helps hundreds of passengers commute to and from [...]

Project surveillance and reporting of Bhorang Khola Road

Client Nepal Government Location Lamjung Deliverables Detailed Project Report Year 2019 Duration 4 months Adding Bhorang Khola to Nepal's Road map We played a pivotal role in the construction of the Bhorang Khola Road. Situated in the quaint locality of Bhorang river, Near Lamjung, the road is helping hundreds of vehicles and pedestrians to reach [...]